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  • AFFIRMATIVE ACTION– Understood as Reservation–no religious reservation
  • Political and admin will reqd to do the needful
  • Dalit Buddhist,dalit Sikhs–given reservation but not weak muslims.
  • Sachar and Amitabh Kundu committee — Muslims as backward as most backward communities of our country
  • Schemes not implemented,allocation not provided, no assessment.
  • The muslims left after partition were largely the poor
  • While muslims have benefitted from the market process , they have not benefitted from the Government schemes so much.
  • Community must reflect and introspect what is wrong with them that they have engaged in identity politics and not addressed socio-economic issues.
  • “All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat “– initiates dialogues within the community.
  • Muslim community should be open to change and modernity without diluting its religion – “ishtehad”
  • Don’t do anything that you become isolated from wider community.
  • There is a tendency in democracies to be disadvantageous to minorities.


  • 1870à Hunter committee–same debate on Muslims are backward.
  • 1939—Pirpur committee and Sharif committee by Muslim League–same debate on Muslims are backward.
  • 1980—Gopal Singh committee –same debate on Muslims are backward.

Three issues

  • As most are poor
  • As most are minority
  • As most suffered from Partition

  • Those muslims who have got English education,lives in big cities and is of Ashraf caste has less problems and Pasmanda/Madarsa/Village has same problems as rural dalit, rural women.
  • Organizational discrimination by state.
  • According to CSDS, 70% of muslims said that their condition is bad due to government and only 6% said it is due to Hindus.
  • Reservation will only increase when jobs will increase, but till education and health increases, there can be no improvement.

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