Accomplish Mains 2015

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"Mission Indradhanush aims to bring professionalism and efficiency in Public Sector Banks".Critically Comment.

"Agricultural landscape has changed drastically since First Green Revolution therefore the second Green Revolution is going to need an entirely new approach, and an entirely new set of technologies." Comment.

Recently Reserve Bank of India (RBI) granted 10 entities in-principle licences to open small finance banks (SMB). Critically analyse how SMB will expand access to financial services in rural and semi-urban areas?

"Over the past decade the banking industry has witnessed many positive developments. But along with the fact that still a large proportion of the population is still financially excluded, Indian banking sector is facing other issues as well." Discuss.

Ease of doing business index has become a measure for business environment worldwide, what are its components and discuss the hurdles India facing in making its business environment smooth.

"Indian security market is witnessing liberal reforms with improved investor protection". Do you think SEBI's recent step to ease allotment norms for Anchor Investors in Public Offers is a step in this direction? Justify your answer.

MSME sector is one of the most crucial sector of India. what problem this sector is facing and what measures government should take to tackle these problems?

Make in India can provide the much wanted boost to the defence sector which is grappling with many challenges. Discuss

Critically analyse the success of Bilateral investment Treaties (BITs) in India? Do you think the proposed model draft by the Law Commission’s subcommittee strikes a right balance between Government and Foreign investor’s interests?

China's declining growth is an opportunity for India to increase its exports. do u agree with this statement?