Accomplish Mains 2015

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Examine the thorny issues in India North Korea relations?How these can be weeded out?

"There is definite streak of democracy, federalism and respect for diversity in the new dispensation in Sri Lanka".Suggest efforts that can be taken by Sri Lankan government and international community for complete justice,reconciliation and rehabilitation of Srilankan tamils

“Just like a building which needs to be modified to the needs of the time, the institutions are also in desperate need of an overhaul and for that matter Security Council reform is the most important aspect of the United Nations' institutional reform.'' Comment.

"Nepal’s federalism debate— as observers of the constitution process are well aware— remains one of the most contentious issues in the writing of the country’s permanent constitution". Instability in Nepal is likely to have an adverse impact on India’s political, economic and security interests. Discuss.

Ease of doing business index has become a measure for business environment worldwide, what are its components and discuss the hurdles India facing in making its business environment smooth.

As the recent refugee crisis grows, the World has seen biggest movement of people to Europe since Second World War. What is role of International Organization for Migration AND The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in this regard. Discuss.

Yemen conflict have involved whole of the Arab region, discuss the main causes of this conflict and effects of this conflict over India.

What is diplomatic immunity? what UN laws says about diplomatic immunity?is it necessary to provide immunity to diplomats against local laws?

Critically analyse the success of Bilateral investment Treaties (BITs) in India? Do you think the proposed model draft by the Law Commission’s subcommittee strikes a right balance between Government and Foreign investor’s interests?

China's declining growth is an opportunity for India to increase its exports. do u agree with this statement?