Accomplish Mains 2015

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Examine the implications of Rise in Pseudoscience on society and the institutional support given to it by the Establishment.

"Though we are improving our Nutrition metrics but the absolute number of malnourished children are still huge".Comment on SAM and changes to be made in policies to improve the condition.

"Right to Freedom of speech and Expression and Right to conscience is as important as Right to profess,practice and propagate religion".Critically Analyse.

The answers for Muslims of India lies in institutional change and self reflection."Critically Analyse.

"Religious India is religiously intolerant". Despite enshrining the idea and notion of Secularism in our Constitution, India is increasingly becoming a place for communal differences. Discuss

“ There is a need for greater consensus making by the state governments with all the stakeholders especially in a state which has various communities with conflicting or interlinked demands.” Critically comment.

“Traffic Congestion pose as serious problem with the increasing rate of urbanization but the problem has not been addressed with adequate solution.” Comment

Has Indian Society has become mean and self serving with the zeal to fight against injustice buried under the load of Laws which harass the witness along with victims.Comment.

“It is the mindset rather than Law which needs reform to end discrimination against transgenders”. Critically comment whether Transgenders should be considered as Third Gender? Would this status in official documents end their woes?