Accomplish Mains 2015

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"Some suggest that Bose's alliance with the Axis during the war was based on more than just pragmatism, and that Bose was a militant nationalist". elaborate.

"Ongoing controversies regarding dating of vedas do not affect the eternal knowledge they contain". Keeping Rigveda in mind discuss its social and geographical connection with present.

"Their is a battle going on between old estimates and new researches regarding nature of reign and religious policies of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb; few portray him as a religious fanatic and others go on saying that Aurangzeb is a severely misunderstood figure" . Discuss.

"The bengalee people are torn between colonial administrative conveniences and post independence xenophobic movements".comment.

“Gandhiji was progressive in many ideas which are still lacking in Today’s world”.Comment.

Provide a critical account of 1965 war against Pakistan.

Explain about the Musical traditions of Santhals .Is it different from the Indian Classical music tradition.If yes, throw light on the main differences?