Accomplish Mains 2015

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Comment on the feasibility of National River Interlinking Project especially in context of the finances required for its completion.

India annually face landslides, but landslides effect limited areas. discuss the geographical distribution and effects of landslides.

Comment on the role of technology in mitigation of Drought and briefly depict the Drought management infrastructure in India.

Do you think commercial timber plantations on the degraded forests are sustainable?Critically analyse.

"Wildlife corridor many or mayn't be effective and can't replace prevention of Forest destruction"Comment.

Tea industry has been one the most important industry from employment and women empowerment viewpoint. justify.

Explain, with example, the concept of Water Footprint concept and what are its criticisms?

Pollution in river Ganga has been major problem for several states. what are the reasons of pollution? and provide critical account of government initiatives.

Though River water linking Programme is a boon for both water deficient and water excess regions but the programme has not yet fructified”. Substantiate with examples.