Accomplish Mains 2015

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"The problems in Health care is behavioural both from the supply as well as demand side". Comment and Suggest some solutions for the same.

Examine the implications of Rise in Pseudoscience on society and the institutional support given to it by the Establishment.

"Though we are improving our Nutrition metrics but the absolute number of malnourished children are still huge".Comment on SAM and changes to be made in policies to improve the condition.

Do you think commercial timber plantations on the degraded forests are sustainable?Critically analyse.

EPF scheme is crucial for social security in India. Elaborate.

For "Bharat" smart villages are more essential than smart cities. Comment.

"Sustainable develpment goals are good in intention but difficult to implement"Comment why?

"We need to preventing the fragmenation of our Health care systems and broaden the services available".Comment in context of non success of Maternal and Child Health based Health systems.

"Respect for other religions can't be an alibi for crushing Right of choice even if it is for short term".Analyse