Accomplish Mains 2015

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India’s unilateral moratorium on nuclear testing notwithstanding, its continued refusal to engage in the CTBT leads many to wonder whether it is keeping open the option of resuming testing. Discuss.

Stalking or being ‘followed’ are problems that many people, especially women, are familiar with. Sometimes these problems can occur over the Internet so what is cyber stalking and what are the laws against it in India?

Controlled use of explosives is required for peace in any nation otherwise it can be misused easily. Examine the statement with reference to the regulatory framework in India for explosives control.

Elaborate on the Principle and implications of Y-SMS technology.

Government negotiations with Nagas has been going on since independence, Examine the steps government have taken till now and what are the hurdles in settling the Naga issue?

What is AFSPA? critically analyse and justify the rationale to provide immunity to army in disturbed area.

Make in India can provide the much wanted boost to the defence sector which is grappling with many challenges. Discuss

Provide a critical account of 1965 war against Pakistan.

Why India need to step up its relations with Indian Ocean nations? Elaborate with special reference to Seychelles.