Accomplish Mains 2015

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India annually face landslides, but landslides effect limited areas. discuss the geographical distribution and effects of landslides.

Comment on the role of technology in mitigation of Drought and briefly depict the Drought management infrastructure in India.

The successful implementation of the Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC) requires development of compliance procedures. elaborate.

Do you think commercial timber plantations on the degraded forests are sustainable?Critically analyse.

"Sustainable develpment goals are good in intention but difficult to implement"Comment why?

Rice cultivation has been a cause of concern due to its water consumption, with regard to rice cultivation, write a brief note about aerobic rice cultivation technique.

"Wildlife corridor many or mayn't be effective and can't replace prevention of Forest destruction"Comment.

Coal based electric plants are in news because of their contribution to greenhouse gases and pollution, yet their immediate phasing out is unviable. Discuss. Highlight different impacts of Coal Industry on human life

Climate Change is a big concern now a day. Highlight few ethical aspects which needed to be raised in this relation with respect to poor population and low laying coastal areas.

Explain, with example, the concept of Water Footprint concept and what are its criticisms?