Accomplish Mains 2015

Click on our Accomplish Series and  you will find the subject wise list of all the questions related to topics which have been in news , you can answer them and see other answers  too. In case you feel you are short on points, you can take help of our refined analysis which is made after taking multiple view points from various Newspapers and Magazines  by clicking on the question.

A novel feature here is the Stopwatch which lets you improve you speed  as you have to answer question in approx 7 minutes and helps you in checking your daily progress in writing.

Recently released Draft National Encryption Policy of India is an infringement of individual's privacy. Critically analyse.

Comment on the role of technology in mitigation of Drought and briefly depict the Drought management infrastructure in India.

Do you think Lateral Entry and Lateral Exit can bring specialization and efficiency in our bureaucracy ?Comment.

Recently many political parties have raised concern on opinion polls and asked for more regulations. With reference of freedom of speech should opinion polls be banned in India? Discuss.

For "Bharat" smart villages are more essential than smart cities. Comment.

Ease of doing business index has become a measure for business environment worldwide, what are its components and discuss the hurdles India facing in making its business environment smooth.

"Respect for other religions can't be an alibi for crushing Right of choice even if it is for short term".Analyse

"Critically comment on the Draft National Health Policy 2015".Do you think it can be a huge improvement on policies of 1984 and 2002?

Issue of human trafficking is age old, but it still is prevalent in our society. Examine the root cause of trafficking and discuss the laws to curb it.

"Right to Freedom of speech and Expression and Right to conscience is as important as Right to profess,practice and propagate religion".Critically Analyse.