Accomplish Mains 2015

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"Agricultural landscape has changed drastically since First Green Revolution therefore the second Green Revolution is going to need an entirely new approach, and an entirely new set of technologies." Comment.

Rice cultivation has been a cause of concern due to its water consumption, with regard to rice cultivation, write a brief note about aerobic rice cultivation technique.

Tea industry has been one the most important industry from employment and women empowerment viewpoint. justify.

"Agrarian and financial problems having considerably lowered the level of economic gains of farmers, the gulf between achievement and aspiration is greatly felt by them which is pushing them to commit suicide".Comment.

Q What are the reasons for low production of Pulses over the years and what strategies can be adopted to overcome these problems?

Land Acquisition in India is a problem for both Agriculture Sector and Industrial Sector and It seems that the recent que on the issue has not yield any solution. Comment.

"Make in India poses a suitable opportunity for Indian Textile Industry but it can not encash it until it address its various shortcomings". Critically Analyze.

1.Due to unseasonal rains and climate change farmers have been forced to take the extreme step of committing suicides. Enumerate the reasons behind this trend. What solutions can be implemented to improve their plight? 2.India experienced unseasonal rains and that too double the average precipitation we get in March. Put forward the reasons behind this abnormality? Is it in any way related to climate change? Explain.