Accomplish Mains 2015

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Comment on the feasibility of National River Interlinking Project especially in context of the finances required for its completion.

"District mining Foundation is noble in intention but problematic as far as its structure and local participation and autonomy is concerned" Critically Analyse.

MSME sector is one of the most crucial sector of India. what problem this sector is facing and what measures government should take to tackle these problems?

Recently PM has expressed his concerns over call drop problem. what is call drop and what causes it to drop?

”BCIM can play an important role  in removing inter and intranational disparities”.Analyse.

"Railways has been life line of India since colonial times, but now it itself is on life support and hence requires urgent reforms " Discuss.

“Promising ‘Make in India’ programme cannot deliver promisingly until certain roadblocks are removed from its pathway.’’ Comment.

“Traffic Congestion pose as serious problem with the increasing rate of urbanization but the problem has not been addressed with adequate solution.” Comment

Give brief descriptions of various PPP models often use by government. Also throw light on problems associated with any one of them.