Accomplish Mains 2015

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A novel feature here is the Stopwatch which lets you improve you speed  as you have to answer question in approx 7 minutes and helps you in checking your daily progress in writing.

Asteroid Redirect Mission (ARM) will greatly advance NASA’s human path to Mars. Evaluate.

Despite hurdles and denials today India is one of the few nations possessing cryogenic engine technology. Comment and also discuss its various usages.

Elaborate on the Principle and implications of Y-SMS technology.

What is web enabled lighting? Do you think India can afford costly LED lighting over the conventional illumination solutions? Justify your answer.

Explain the working and advantages of Hand Held Water Purifier?

what are bio-fuels? how it is different from other fuels available?

Recently PM has expressed his concerns over call drop problem. what is call drop and what causes it to drop?

"Nutraceuticals can play an important role in India's social sector.Elucidate"

India has developed its own cryogenic engine. What are its features? what are the other applications of cryogenics?

Cellphone tower has been the subject of discussion regarding their health effects. What steps govt. has taken to tackle the problems regarding cell phone towers in India? Critically comment