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SMART cities chosen


Both smart city and amrut schemes are taking the agenda of JNNURM further in a slightly different form.

Would it work?

Center and state Government is providing 100 crore/year/city each and rest from the utilities itself. So the challenge is, how the city will get more money beyond that, for its huge infrastructure requirement.

Center has left it to the states to provide the list of smart cities on the basis of certain criterion. The list which have been sent to central government are high ranked in the states.

Criticisms of SMART city projects

Stature of municipality has been reduced and SPV have been created for carrying out all the operation which municipality used to perform like project development.

It will create coordination problem, as program has been funded by Urban ministry in conjunction with several other ministries and municipality used to function as a linking pin between them.

Replacing municipalities with the SPV will also disturb the revenue structure already standing and was administered by municipalities.

Government has mentioned the criterion for funding a city is that you must either retrofit 500 acres of a city or redevelop at least 50 acre or do a greenfield project of 250 acres, in not enough to develop a whole lot of big city.

Until the city is not developed in integration with the area around, the project will not succeed.

Why developing a limited area of city not whole of the city?

Resources are limited.

As country has very little or equal to no experience in developing smart cities, it is better to test it in small area.

AMRUT scheme will compliment the project

Rationale of choosing existing cities

Main idea behind SMART city project is to provide certain existing class of city a world class infrastructure

Cities have been given independence in deciding the projects of their need. There are no strict guidelines regarding types of projects, hance it provides flexibility.



Earlier it was said that cities will be chosen on the basis that can reduce the pressure on existing cities but it has not been followed.

Green field cities have not been taken yet.

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